Personal Narrative: Chronic Stress

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One source of stress is “Chronic Stress.” Chronic stress means stress that is experienced for an extended period. One example from my personal life that was a chronic stress was my family and work stress. I think family and work problems of my own example connect because they fell under the same category and correlated with each other. A specific example is my mom forced me to figure basic skills myself such as driving. I was in and out of jobs and found myself having to figure out how to get to work. I could not depend on anyone to take me anymore and the bus system was undependable. I did nor deal with it the way I wanted at the time. I had just finished up an internship and found an excellent job but found myself having to figure out how to get to work. My cognitive…show more content…
I quit my job and sold my car. I started my life all over again. I have never been happier. I hate to say I have not personally learned anything in this module to deal with stress differently. The reason for this is because of my personal experience with stress this entire year before I even began this class. I acknowledge that there are many ways to deal with stress but the ironic thing is, I had to figure this out the hard way not from a textbook. I made substantial changes in my life. I changed my cognitive appraisal. I look at minor problems differently and control my emotions much better. I make time to do things I like and started yoga. The textbook addresses that and I believe it will help other students to learn to deal with stress better like I have. Chronic stress is terrible and exhausting but sometimes it can be stopped by the individual. It can be changed not only by how you interpret your own problems and coping strategies but by making changes to stop them. One step in coping with stress from the text that I agree with and identify with strongly is “Remember failure and disappointment are sometimes blessings in
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