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Okay, from my previous threads you may be aware I have already talked about my breakup but I genuinely need advice here.
So, it's been 3 months since my boyfriend of 4 years checked out of our relationship. However, we have a joint account together and belongings to return. In all honesty, the belongings are not a big deal but we do have a legal requirement to both be present together to close the account. I've researched this and this particular bank requires both parties.
I've been told by a couple of people that I should just 'take my money and forget the account'. Well, it was a fairly new account which I hadn't actually put any money into. So that isn't an issue. But I don't want there to be legal repercussions down the line if I refuse
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I'm not sure why, and I give up trying to understand why. But it's really unfair to effectively keep me 'on hold'- the reason I say 'on hold', is because, I don't want to be in a situation where I have (for example) spent 3 months healing myself and moving forward, and then I am forced to sit down with him to close this account. Emotionally I don't think that would be good for me and will potentially drag me backwards. This only requires a couple of hours of his time so why wouldn't he just commit to a date, (I know for a fact he has time), we close the account and then we can both move on with our lives. Surely he wouldn't WANT me to keep 'bugging' him to ask him when he's free, right? Or maybe he does, I dunno anymore. I certainly don't want to keep contacting him about this. Currently I have little choice but to simply wait until he decides to commit to a date.
And yes, I am making conscious steps towards moving on- just got a new job, have been taking driving lessons and I now use the gym.
Just don't know what to do about the account situation. And I know people often mistake this as me 'holding on', but I really do need this account to be closed quickly, not just from a legal point of view but so that I can cut that tie and close that door. Similar to the way that a divorcee would want to get all those papers signed and finalised so that they can truly move on. Any
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