Personal Narrative: Closed Adoption

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I’m BACK! I was in school studying phlebotomy for the last month and a half so now I’m studying for the state test and hoping to keep up with my blog again! Sorry about that, I hope you missed me like I missed you.
Awhile back I was thinking about when our closed adoption was safe and secure because our boys were here with us and their family was across the world and couldn’t find them. They always knew they were adopted, it was never hidden, in fact it never could be hidden, since they were older when they joined our family.
I had an experience about six years ago, I don’t recall what happened before this moment; however I do remember a woman in the audience of a talk I was at, standing up and interjecting a point that I have never forgotten.
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Now they are 16 and 18 and it never seemed to faze them. I feel in my heart that our openness with them throughout our journey helped us in that moment.
Since that time, through Facebook, the family has been in touch, and we all talk the best we can through Facebook, Facetime and Google Translate. The communication we have with them is minimal at this point but when they were ready to connect with them again, they started it; I was not going to stop it.
As my son and I go around the state doing book talks, he has now started bringing adult and adolescent adoptees to them and the conversations that are happening between them and the adoptive parents that attend have been great!
Some talk about finding out they were adopted later in life and how it messed with them so I have learned how important it was for us to continue the conversation and help them with any issues that came up. I’m glad we did.
What I have learned from these conversations between all parties have truly be rewarding and I hope our openness in this sense will be a triumph in the adoption community.
Starting in September of 2016 we will be meeting with adoptees and their parents to start the
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