Personal Narrative: Coffee Brewing

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The sunlight met my sleepy eyes as I smelled the familiar aroma of coffee brewing. Fumbling for the remote, I thought of a visit to church with my cousins the previous Sunday. They had invited me to return this Sunday, but I had felt uncomfortable and unwelcome, when the pastor insisted that “marriage is between a natural born man and a natural born woman.” I wasn’t eager to subject myself to further discomfort. “Not today,” I thought. Today, the OWN network would be my means of spiritual connection. I felt more connected to Super Soul Sunday than I had with the traditional brick and mortar place of worship. Before I could roll out of bed, the familiar words, “BREAKING NEWS” scrolled across the screen. “Here we go again,” I thought, but it was…show more content…
However, I decided that I would not be lead by emotions. Even though some of the victims were my friends, this was bigger than friendships and who I knew. Innocent people had lost their lives at the hands of a disturbed madman yet; I was convinced that we were all culpable on some level. Case in point, consider our current political climate and how we have become so divisive and unwilling to consider thoughts, ideas or beliefs outside of our own. We have become accepting of a not so politically correct culture—which is nothing more than a license to say whatever we choose without any consideration for the impact it may have on others. Words have power, and I am convinced that there is power in the written or spoken word. Whether it is ISIS propaganda or a joke referencing someone as a fagot, like cancer, harmful words metastasize. We can contribute creatively, financially, and otherwise, but until we realize the value in being rather than doing, these tragic themes will continue to surface and remind of us the underbelly of society. They will only impact a new group of players, on a different
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