Personal Narrative: Collapse

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Tearing my M.C.L

Swish, tumble tumble, crash. I could just tell by the way I fell that something was wrong. Very wong. But I decided to just keep going even though it hurt. I was at the Jackson Hole ski mountain and was on the Rendezvous bowl with the Jackson Hole ski and snowboard team.

I was not being very conscious or careful of my actions, but my torn M.C.L was also a mixture of the fact that it was the snowiest, iciest, slick day I have ever been skiing. I was trying to race down the hill because I was trying to get the sticky, wet snow out of my ski boots. The coach said “You keep trying to get it on i’ll try to go catch up with the team. We will wait for you at the casper restaurant.” As soon as I got my boots on I went as fast as I could down the boul. Half way down I tried to turn and I caught an
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Everyday after school I went to the public library. I found myself studying more and getting better grades not being able to play sports. And I got to read more. Which was great! Don't get done wrong I would love to be skiing but studying is great too. My friends even came sometimes and we studied together. That was the best part of being hurt.

Through time I realized that all I have to do is keep trying. When I get that knee brace off I have one Saturday and Sunday left to ski. Even though it is bad conditions I can still try. And that is all I need to do. To get better and better I just need to try. “The harder you fall the better you get back up.” - Riley McFarland. That was the answer to my problem.

Through my accident I learned that sports is not the only fun thing to do. And that my friends will be there even if I have a knee brace on. That next Saturday and Sunday that I got my knee brace off, I went skiing. The snow was actually really good and I was not. I completely lost my skill. At least I knew I had next year to ski! I will just try harder when the time
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