Personal Narrative: Communicating With My Body

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My brain wasn’t properly communicating with my body. I was trapped. My eyes slowly opened as my lungs took a deep breath in, then out. After a while, I started to regain control. When I could finally comprehend what was happening, I was left with a million questions. After getting up from the bed, I started to look around. Everything was in ruins. My once perfectly pristine hospital room was torn apart. I trudged through the rubble, piecing together the few scraps that were left. I shuffled across the hall and peeled away the covers to find a perfectly scarred corpse. After trying to get that image out of my mind, I continued on my journey through the desolate hallways, constantly tripping over a trail of empty medicine bottles and an assortment of scattered pills. I deliberately searched for any clues that would lead me to any kind of answer. It wasn’t long before I stumbled across an array of papers spread out across the nurses station. I couldn’t comprehend a majority of what the papers said, the letters looked as if they were carelessly sprinkled across the page. I combed through the papers, hopelessly looking for anything that would ring a bell. In between multiple death reports and medical records, I noticed an image of a scar that seemed recognizable. I pondered for hours, racking my brain for any information that would…show more content…
I bolted through the hallways straight to the room. Just as I was about to peel back the covers to reveal the suspect, I noticed something strange, nothing was there. The officers stood there with a pathetic look in their eyes. I stood there dumbfounded. The officers were about to point their fingers and place the hard cuffs around my wrists, when my eyes slowly opened and I took a deep breath in, then out. The doctors huddled around me. I could tell they were examining their work. The first doctor traced my freshly scarred jaw with his gloved finger. “perfect”, he
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