Personal Narrative: Consistency

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This I Believe: Consistency
I believe in consistency. I feel that being consistent in whatever it is that you set out to do can add an immense amount of wealth to your life. I never realized how inconsistent I had been in accomplishing some goals that I set for myself until I endured the sudden loss of my grandmother last year. I saw what I was becoming, what I needed a do to go in a different direction and that I needed to be consistent in order to do so.
For the majority of my life I have always been overweight. Genetically speaking I am destined to weigh exceptionally more than the average American woman with my 5’-2” height. For some, it is thought being overweight is a choice. For a long while I was fine with being my size. Luckily for
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In an attempt to cope with losing such an important staple in my life, my love affair with food had become tumultuous. Fifty. That is the number of pounds that I had gained in about a year’s time. After a friend of mine introduced me to his personal trainer, I decided that it was time for me to take back my life. My grandmother always wanted what was best for me and I knew that she would never want me to use food to cope with her absence. Besides, I could never live a full life if my health were not intact. Since I began this journey, I acquired a very important jewel. In order for me to accomplish my fitness goals or any other goal for that matter, I have to remain consistent. I am happy to say that I am now two pounds lighter, healthier and happier. Yes, I have setbacks, but it is my consistency that has garnered these…show more content…
Last fall I began pursuing a Master’s Degree in Project Management. Inconsistency in studying and submitting my assignments in a timely matter gave me two subpar grades for the semester. Now, I have been granted a second chance here at the University of Maryland University College. I am still a work in progress but practicing consistency with my study habits, seeking help when I am in need, as well as completing my assignments on time, will contribute to my successful completing of this graduate study program and my career
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