Personal Narrative-Cost-Benefit Analysis

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I volunteered on Tuesday, November 17 for 5 hours at the Arthritis Foundation in Tampa. I invited one of my friends, Ana, to volunteer with me. Our main task consisted on calling different massage companies to book appointments for people suffering arthritis. First, Candice, the Stakeholder Relations Coordinator for the Florida Region, gave us the list of the people who had previously filled out a form saying that they would like a massage. The form was filled out at the Walk for Arthritis event. These people haven’t had the opportunity to book the massages because some of them didn’t know who to call, didn’t have money or because they didn’t speak English. Therefore, we had to call each person to see if they were still interested (about 20 people).…show more content…
Second, we had to find out how much money was collected at the Walk for Arthritis event and other small events in order to have a specific budget and see how much money was going to be destined for the massages. There were two batches of envelopes with donations; Ana decided to focus on the Walk for Arthritis event and I decided to focus on the other ones (the small events). After counting the money we had to sign and confirm that what we were saying was true. There had to be a co-signer for this as well, so Ana signed mines as the co-signer and I signed hers. Candice was very helpful with this task; she was the one confirming with the other arthritis foundation’s outside Tampa if the amounts were correct. Third, after calling the patients and finding out whether they wanted the massage or not and establishing the budget, we started calling Massage Envy. We helped booked every spot; about 12 people wanted the
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