Personal Narrative: Costa Rica Changed My Life Essay

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In my travels of the world I have found myself immersed in many cultures and varieties of ethnicity; I have been very fortunate to live in a day and age where such communication and experience is possible in one lifetime. I have seen La Cathedral de Notre Dame, the Statue of Liberty, the home of Da Vinci, and so many more wonderfully spiritual and historic monuments. Yet still I can say with the utmost certainty that no location has left such a lasting impact on my soul as the quaint, simple country of Costa Rica. Although many places have penetrated me with a sense of what the majestic earth and her inhabitants are capable of and have forced me to question whether or not anything is beyond the grasp of human ingenuity, none have brought…show more content…
Driving through the urban city of San Jose I was somewhat stunned to see the blatant similarities to the typical American metropolis we are used to. Although the glaring difference in infrastructure stands out immediately as your taxi driver steers around right and left corners with equal airiness and red lights do not even incite a certain amount of slowing down it becomes easy to see that Global culture is stronger and more uniform than it could have ever been in the past and McDonalds has become the benchmark for 2nd world or better civilizations. Americans as a whole are driven by things that citizens of Costa Rica do not understand, “It may seem strange, but one of the first steps is to learn one’s own culture. No one ever tells us that we are learning our culture, it all happens at an unconscious level. We are told that we are learning the right way to do things. Someone from the US may not realize things such as the way they engage in “small talk” is actually somewhat irritating to people from many countries around the world.” All of those things made me reevaluate the things I love like movies and cars and nice clothes, all things that I work so hard for, in a whole
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