Personal Narrative County, Kentucky And Lessons Learned

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Jessamine County, Kentucky and Lessons Learned Jessamine County is a great example of how to change school start times. Benefitting from the experience of neighboring Fayette County, Jessamine took its time to organize their efforts in such a way as to transition smoothly into a new schedule for their students. The superintendent of the Jessamine County Schools, Linda France became aware of the literature about the impact of school start times on student health and learning. Following in the footsteps of Fayette County, a survey to high school students regarding their sleep habits and schedule preferences was administered. The school board designed a survey using a combination of the School Sleep Habits Survey and the Fayette County Sleep and School Survey. The data from these surveys completed by almost 1,100 students was tabulated by high school math students and presented to the school board. The results showed most students weren’t getting enough sleep and that most students felt they could do better work if they started school later. The board adopted a new schedule after months of planning and gave middle schools and high schools an extra hour and ten minutes of sleep where they began at 8:50 and 8:40 am respectively. Elementary schools began thirty minutes earlier at 8:00 am to make the bus schedule run smoothly and without interference. The implementation of the change went very smooth and no additional drivers were required to make the transportation work. The
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