Personal Narrative: Cronus The Slayer

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There I was, riding through the cold wintertide land of Jrynomen, with my keeper, Cronus the Slayer. I didn’t know why he was called ‘the Slayer’ since I did all the slaying, but that was his name. Cronus had wanted a challenge, since he thought he was the best slayer in all of the land, but he would be nothing without me. Anyhoo, there was news of a great two-headed dragon hiding in cavern in the west of Jrynomen, and Cronus, cocky as ever, took me and headed toward the cavern. The cocky little rascal and I were riding on a horse, through the Mohana Mountains. We passed through a small annular village, and of course Cronus had to show me off. He wanted to make the village people fear him, so he took me out of my sheath and waved me around like a dog with a new squeaky toy. He even wanted to intimidate the children! “Hello children!” he said as he put me dangerously close to their faces, making one of them even cry! The weeping child said in response, “Leave us alone!” as he ran away from him. I was done after that, tonight I told myself, tonight I would make my escape away from Cronus. Cronus put me back in my sheath, and continued towards the cavern that the dragon was in. I peeked out of my sheath and saw that it was getting dark as we were getting closer to the cavern. The mountains were colorless from the heavy snow that has been …show more content…

I thought this is where I will be broken, this is where I will die. The dragon was probably very hungry, since he or rather I should say ‘they’ didn’t seem to notice me, stuck in the middle of Cronus’s chest, as we were both dragged and and carried towards the dragon’s mouth by it’s sinister gargantuan claw. As we were both hanging upside down, about to get dropped and split into two inside of Nicephorus and Vesztes and I seemed to get more and more loose. Then I seemed to freefall from Cronus’s chest towards where the two heads

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