Personal Narrative-Dalia

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I set the pen on the paper and grabbed my bags rushing myself out the door. I got in my car and texted Ashton.

I’ll be at the concert in five. Let Security know, I’ll let you know when I am there. When I do get there, play lost boy. I’ll have it all planned out.

I had tears falling down my face. I was remembering everything, I was remembering every single memory I have had with Michael. He was so in love with me, how did I miss it? All I know is that I was happier with him. I sighed and started the car and got on the road.

“Dalia! Over here!” I heard a familiar voice yell my name. Although the voice was a little bit deeper than it was a year ago, I knew it was Michael. I was starting my sophomore year at his school this time, my old school was shit. I whipped around and saw Michael. He looked totally different, almost as if he was a washed up jersey shore kid. He wore black, even black eyeliner. How the fuck did he look so good in makeup, he looked better than me! I smiled and walked over to him. “You look so different! How did you get your dad to agree on the piercing?” I muttered and pointed to his eyebrow. Michael chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Doesnt know, mom let me. He’s been on a business trip all summer. Or cheating on
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I walk for days and days cause i cant face the fact, that nothing is better than you. I’m coming cause i ned to fid you, is anybody there who can rescue somebody like me cause I'm just waiting for somebody like you somebody like you, without you I'm a lost boy. without you I'm a lost boy. Come find me I'm a lost boy. Cause without you I’m a lost boy.” They all sang in sync. I was moved along with the audience by their voices. You could see how much handwork they have put in their music. I looked over at Micahel who was busy focusing on his guitar than to look up at the crowd. You could tell he was just holding back the tears. I was fighting myself from crying
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