Personal Narrative-Day Surgery Department

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We have all heard the phrase “back to the basics.” Perhaps the role of the foundations is undermined amidst the complexity that builds over those foundations. Nevertheless, the foundations are dramatically consequential and integral to any complex system that exists. Just as neural communication boils down to something as simple as the firing of a neuron, my passion for medicine boils down to the elementary: dire interest, especially in the human brain.
You may know that the human brain consists of around 100 billion neurons. You may also know that it consists of ten times that many glial cells. What makes the brain fascinating, however, has little to do with the elements that comprise it. 50% of our genes define the intricate design of the brain; the organization of the other 98% of the body is described by just the other half of our genes, which speaks to the significance of the brain in making us who we are. Such facts are a microcosm of my fascination with the brain,
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Shadowing the surgeons has given me a hands-on perspective of surgery and has evoked a desire to pursue neurosurgery. Volunteering at the hospital has evoked in me a fondness for the environment present at hospitals and for the care and hospitality that pervades those facilities, an environment that I want to be a part of in the future as a surgeon. The experience at Baylor—the interactions with patients and their stories and the positive atmosphere established by the nurses, doctors, and staff—prompted me to reconsider research as a career path, which I chose to drop in favor of the overwhelming desire to be in a hospital environment and provide care through neurosurgery. Attestments to my natural tendency to care and assist, by my friends and family, further motivated me to seek a career in
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