Personal Narrative: Death Of A Girl

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I wonder if the girl I once was would be proud of the woman she's become. Or whether she'd be disgusted, horrified and unable to recognise herself in the mirror-either way, I wouldn't blame her.

Before the epidemic spread like wildfire amongst the planet and effectively killing everyone I loved. I was just an ordinary sixteen year old; I was just plain, old, boring Eleanor Archer-or just Ellie for short.
Mum was the one who picked my name, or so I believe. However, there was no deep sentimental meaning behind it, I was not named after a passed relative like my sister had been, Mum just thought the name sounded pretty-which admittedly it was.
It was a lot prettier than Sue, which was what my father originally wanted to call me-thankfully, for my sake, Mum refused.

Prior the world I once knew crashing and burning in a fiery abyss, I was still at school; studying three A-Levels and much to my parents' disappointment-only just scraping passes in said studies.
They always had such high expectations of all their children; expectations my older sister had always fulfilled. Now the burden had
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"So far it has claimed many lives in the mere few days it has been exposed, yet the numbers are still indefinite." His voice wobbled unevenly. "Symptoms of the virus include nausea, the passing and coughing of blood, a sudden outbreak of rashes, insomnia, seizures and..." The news broadcaster took a deep breath. "Psychosis." He was crying uncontrollably now, streams of tears ran down his face. "Government officials are advising people to stay in their homes unless otherwise because once exposed to the virus there is a ninety percent certainty of death." His voice was a whisper now. "Fuck, I'm going to die. I'm going to die." He showed his other hand to reveal a caliber
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