Personal Narrative-Demedic Analysis

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I am the first college student in my family, first generation I guess you could call it. In fact, I am the first of my family to "get out" as they put it. Most of my family live within 10 miles of each other and few have been more than a 3-hour drive away from their home. I don't believe much was expected of me growing up. I didn't graduate with honors, and I would have been hard pressed to have found a single adviser who would have saw me going to a wonderful school like Texas A&M. I grew up assuming that like my father and his father before him that I would serve in the military. I did serve for a while in the army, 8 years to be exact and that’s where I found myself. As an army medic you are expected to processes many inputs at once, and …show more content…

No longer was I able to be on the “front lines”, I was… in my opinion at the time, being relegated to a pencil pusher, a platoon sergeant. Surprisingly enough however, I found that there was a great sense of pride to be had in being responsible for the training of subordinate medics. Both their successes and failures were on me. While I enjoyed all of that immensely, I knew that for me it wasn’t enough, I wanted more. At the time I didn’t exactly know what “more” was, but I knew I loved medicine and that I loved helping people. I wanted to be that person that someone could turn to in their time of need. I can honestly say that in my eight years in the military and subsequent years working in an emergency room during college that that feeling of completion has never diminished, but grows stronger each year. Thankfully for me I had the great privilege of working beside some phenomenal physician assistants in the military. Men and women who would over the years inspire me to dream big, to keep moving forward.
For me this is where the real journey began. I was out of the military and off to college. Along the journey of my undergraduate career I have fallen in love, married the woman of my dreams, grieved through a miscarriage, had a beautiful baby girl and have another baby boy on the way. Never through any of this has my dedication to pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant waivered. Why do I want to become a Physician Assistant? Because it shows my children that if you want something bad enough and are willing the put in the hard work, you can achieve anything you set your mind

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