Personal Narrative: Determinism And Free Will

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Throughout my life, I have taken some actions in various occasions that end in the manner in which I make choices. That is, I act depending on what I choose to do. I am so determined to achieve my goals such that I cannot act differently contrary to my choice? I do believe that all people are equal on the universe. The state of the universe poses the same challenges to everyone. I therefore believe that I will be responsible for my decisions should it happen the way I did not want it. Sometimes my decisions are based on the natural phenomenon. I make a decision based on what the nature dictates after considering a probable outcome.
Compatibilism is basically the theory that we can be both caused and free. It is the belief that determinism and free will are compatible concept, and that it is possible to believe in free will and determinism without being logically inconsistent. Therefore, I do believe that my moral responsibility is an action of free will. I have the choice to be morally responsible or not to be responsible. I will be rightly deserving praise or defame depending on the outcome of my actions. I will only do something freely when the antecedents of its actions are dependable with being held accountable. Choosing an action that I am able to account for, gives me the freedom to choose an action that other people may opt otherwise.
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This is very crucial especially when I am putting across my view on an opinion. If it is my personal independent decision, I tend to be more confident than when influenced by some other parties to take a certain stand. However, there are some things or actions that I cannot control. Since I am a social being, communication is inevitable. That means, to some extent, I may choose to do something but at times the external activities, motives or forces makes me not to act. These external factors are present within the environment I

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