Personal Narrative: Divorce Essay

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Personal Narrative: Divorce Mum had briefly informed me that we were going to a place that would "make sure that the right parent looked after us." This was drilled into me for weeks in advance along with the miscellaneous "I love you more than Dad does" and " you enjoy living with me more than Dad, don't you?" What Mum didn't realise is that children can see straight through people like her so her ongoing effort to unbalance my opinion just floated straight past me like a cloud. My brother, on the other hand, had a tendency to make it seem as if he trusted every word Mum said. Whether he really did or whether it was all a very …show more content…
Trying to find something else to worry about I wandered into Mum's room. I found her standing in front of the mirror getting ready to go. She saw me in the mirror but just continued beautifying herself. She was dressed smartly and was applying her make-up as if this was just a chance to show off. I watched her for a while and there was something provocative and spiteful about her, as if she had changed to a different person I didn't know. I lay on her bed and just stared at the ceiling trying to make sense of my first encounter with the confusion of the real, adult world.

A few minutes later Mum had ushered me off of her bed and out of her room and told me to put my shoes and coat on. Instinctively, I went to help my brother put his shoes on because I knew that's what Mum actually meant. He was three years younger than me but I didn't appreciate that he wouldn't understand the importance of this visit long awaited by Mum. I kept talking to him and sharing my feelings but the only response I got was "where are we going, rach?" Since I didn't know the answer to this question I stopped talking and proceeded to tie his shoe laces.

In the car, on the way to this unknown place I sat in the back seat in a daze. I saw my brother trying to glance out of the window but still seeming quite content so I thought I would follow his lead. Just tall enough to look
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