Personal Narrative: Does My Head Look Big In This?

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With great power often comes great arrogance. When Adolf Hitler decided that his army could successfully invade his Russian allies during World War II, this led to not only his own demise, but the collapse of his lifetime’s work in creating Nazi Germany. Months away from world domination, Hitler’s conceitedness destroyed it all. This flaw is not endemic to a certain region, for many individuals across the globe hold disdain toward others. Tia Tamos, an Australian high school bully who tyrannizes Amal in Randa Abdel Fattah’s Does My Head Look Big In This?, radiates arrogance with every turned page, as she acts superior to those around her. Salim Malik, an Indian organized crime lieutenant from Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, holds a massive…show more content…
Being an older student in my grade, I have always played up an age group during the club season. As a freshman, I played club soccer with many of my sophomore friends from school. When I entered sophomore year and tried out for high school soccer, I half-expected to make the varsity team with all of my now junior friends. To my bewilderment, I was not even given the opportunity to try out with the older group of players, as I was forced to try out with the other sophomores and freshmen. After making the JV team while my clubmates earned a spot on the varsity team, my pride took a hit. To cope with my damaged ego, I began to carry myself on the field in a way that was both self-defeating and harmful to the team. I refused to pass the ball, shot from wherever I felt like, and rarely listened to the advice of my coach or teammates. Six games into the season, I realized that I was not playing up to my ability, nor was I enjoying the playing experience. The arrogance in my thinking and playing had gotten the better of me, and was ruining one of my favorite hobbies. I understood that a change in mindframe and behavior would be necessary to have a successful soccer campaign in which I may improve myself and my team. I started playing with more humility, as I was more willing to pass, track back, and listen to those around me. I could feel the shift in my behavior improving my game, which was an incredibly rewarding feeling. Thanks to this change in my self-defeating behavior, I had a fantastic season, managing to earn the MVP award for the JV team, as well as a varsity call up for the playoffs. Overcoming this sense of arrogance was essential to my growth as a player and as a human being, for it taught my younger self that I am entitled to nothing in this life. Moreover, all opportunities must be earned,
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