Personal Narrative: Don T Joke Cookies

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The smell of warm gooey cookies rising in the oven. Temptation literally sitting in front of you as you press your face against the oven glass so your nose squishes and you see your breath on the glass. The anticipation of sweet smelling cookies that melt when they come in contact with your drooling tongue. Your mom tells you that she needs help making the house look people ready for all of the chattery women who will soon enter through the front doors with peanut butter blossoms with melting chocolate kisses, the candy of red and green that break your teeth, or the classic chocolate chip cookie spotted with the Nestle chocolate chips that crumble in your hand. However, you delightfully ignore your mom despite her desperation because all you …show more content…

It is not long until yet another person bothers your “cookie watching” wanting you to walk up the dreadful stairs, that make you pant when you make it to the top, just to help them pick out their outfit. Which is such a simple task but it becomes one that lasts at least half an hour of trying on one sweater that looks almost identical to the rest but because of one button, fringe, or pattern it is different. In addition, it seems as if the Christmas sweater that was tried on first ends up being the lucky winner. However once your sister is dressed and ready to go, you are left in your warm and cozy sweats that you refuse to get out of but they are considered “unpresentable.” Out of respect for your mom and trying to respect the family name you strip yourself of the preheated pant leg and put on a thick winter sweater with gray and white polka dotted socks that you can not seem to find after that night. But alas, you hear the squeak of the screen door opening and the faint “rat ta tat tat” on the sturdy wooden door and the party has …show more content…

Your mom walks gracefully to the door telling you and your siblings that you need to act mature but when does that ever happen, anyway? The click of the newly replaced lock and in comes the endless array of cookies and candy of all shapes and sizes; ones sprinkled with transparent sugar that seems to sparkle when exposed to light, cookies with cream cheese frosting topped with candied fruits and sprinkles, but the one that catches your eye is the unmistakable and irresistible triple-decker peanut butter and pretzel fudge. The layers of rich and dense peanut butter fudge proportionally covered with a silky milk chocolate ganache and topped with the classic sourdough pretzel crumbs. If you thought your mouth was watering before, now you fight to blink the tears of happiness away as you envision yourself biting into the fudge first the firm outside layer of milk chocolate that protects the smooth texture of the sweet and salty peanut butter inside and to tie it all together, a slight crunch of sourdough pretzels. It is time to start making your rounds first to the counter where there are an assortment of holiday drinks but the only one that interests you is the wassail; spiced with cinnamon, clove, and allspice. It is spicy but it is sweet and just right for the night of sweets taste

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