Personal Narrative: Double Trouble

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Hey guys! I know I haven’t written for a while, and I don’t think I’ll be back very often to continue to write unless someone decides to buy me an $800 computer for Christmas… (hint, hint) Yeah… Not going to happen. I only had two or three people reading this story originally, but this is a remake of my first fanfiction, called “Double Trouble for TK.” I’ll probably have it shortened to just “Double Trouble” by the time I’ve finally reuploaded my re-written chapter one. I won’t be writing it all at once, so I won’t be able to spit out a chapter every day like I could the first time, but at the same time, I think that even if I could, I wouldn’t. Maybe I’ll get a few more views with this hopefully better re-write. So for anyone who saw this story the first time, or who hasn’t even heard of me (more likely…), I hope you enjoy my first and best fanfiction ever, re-written to be a little more capturing and accurate.…show more content…
He sat up and used his hand to shield the light from his eyes. Blinking and looking around, he was greeted with a tackle from his partner, Patamon. “Morning, sunshine!” Came his Mother’s voice. She stood by the window, blinds open, and a pile of laundry in her arms. “Morning!” Tk sat up feeling completely refreshed from the previous day’s work. School, a basketball game, and then a full three hours of destroying control spires in the digiworld. “What time is it?” He muttered, squinting at his alarm clock. *CRASH* He stumbled out of bed and fell to the
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