Personal Narrative: Down's Syndrome

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It was September of 2015. My mother had a surprise for us, and it was our job to guess what the surprise was. It was four months from Christmas, why couldn't she wait to give it to us then? I racked my brain looking for a reasonable answer, but I couldn't find one. The surprise might be a new toy, but she would have saved it for Christmas. Maybe a dog, but we already had three, and we definitely didn't need another one. Then, out of nowhere the idea popped into my head. I knew what the surprise was!
At this point we were a family of fourteen. I had eight adopted siblings, two step-siblings, two parents, and one biological brother. We thought that was enough, but we had thought that after almost every adoption. Just like the rest, we were wrong.
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Clementine has Down's Syndrome, and bonding was harder for her the most of the other kids. She spent all the time she could with mom, and they both loved every minute of it. I was scared to death thinking of my mom, Clementine, and I in China together. Everyone in our house adores Clementine. She is bright, active, and hilarious. I was so worried that something would happen to her. The part of China we were going to was a big city, but we lived in the country. So it was scary going to a new country, but we were also going to a new kind of environment as well. However, something happened that eased my nerve…show more content…
We landed and found our hotel with no major hiccups or delays. Now it was time to wait. When you adopt from China you have to be there about a week before you first see your child in person, and about a week after. So we waited and waited for one whole week before we met her.
The day had come, it was time to meet Magnolia. We were all so excited to meet her finally. We got dressed and went to the foster home she was staying at. Then we met her, and it was great. She was intelligent, active, and silly. All my fears just melted away. I knew she was right for our family.
It is incredible to think back on that moment almost a year later and realize how ridiculous it was to be afraid. That situation helped me to stop trusting in my own understanding and to start trusting in God's. I knew barely anything of the situation, and he knew everything about it. I am so glad that I went to China with my mom, Clementine, and Dalton. If I hadn't I might not have as bonded well as I did to Magnolia, or even mom, Clementine, or Dalton. I am so glad that I have God watching over
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