Personal Narrative: Dragon Sighting

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Register to read the introduction…We have finally arrived in the area that has reported many dragon sightings. “Cody, let us take a break. We have been looking all morning and I need to rest to regain some strength. If I am to face a dragon, I will need to be in peak condition,” I explain to him. I need to find a way to get rid of him. I can’t allow him to be there when I rescue Lady Sisel. He will either end up getting killed, or try and claim her hand for the knight that hired him after I’ve saved her. Nobles can be stupid and most of them don’t like me. Thus, they would probably believe the Cody’s word over mine. “Actually, Cody...” I say trailing…show more content…
The thought of the weeks Sisel has had to spend in captivity is outrageous! I must return her home. I must save her. Taking a deep breath, I calm down. I need to think. Most likely, they will return. Dragon sightings are reported often enough that they have probably left the cave before. However, I’m sure they will return because the sightings are in the same area. Now that I have reassured myself, I must discover where the dragon’s lair is. I quietly go to the clearing that is the dragon’s landing and launching pad. Searching around the area I find a trail. It appears to be a human made trail. Strange, Sisel probably made it, but why would the dragon give her enough freedom to walk by herself? I follow the trail and sure enough, I end up in front of a cave. Cautiously entering the cave, I see strange sights. I spot a human sized bed, a table, a fireplace, and a giant dragon sized bed. The dragon seems to be taking remarkable care of Sisel. Pushing the strange items out of my mind, I scrutinize the entire cave. There are two sections not including the main part where the beds are located. One houses food, and the other contains an assortment of furniture. I return to the front of the cave and find a place to hide. I shall wait for the dragon to return.
Ten minutes later, a great wind fills the cave. A whooshing sound enters my ears. Slowly, I raise my head and I am speechless because of what I see. There, on the dragon’s
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“I love you. Know that you are a worthy sacrifice of my love. Please stop fighting Unigoff…,” she tells me with tears running down her face. Tears are pouring out of my eyes, and spilling down my face with every word she speaks. Slowly, her eyes lose focus and stay that way. Her tears stop coming and her chest stops rising.
“No! Sisel, nooooooooooooooooooooo!” I scream, my voice mixed with that of a dragon’s roar.
“Lady Sisel, why?” The dragon whispers in pain.
Clinging to the lifeless body in my arms, I prayer for my beloved. Then, I answer, “She always likes to make sacrifices for others. For her family, for her friends, for me…”
The dragon looks at me sadly, nodding in understanding. “You are Levi. The one she wanted to wait for?”
“Yes. This is my fault. I, I tried to kill her. I thought she was Cody. Then, you saved her, again. And, again, I hurt her. I killed her. My stupidity. My rage. My clouded mind. Me, I am the reason that Sisel is dead,” I confess to the dragon, my voice breaking at the end.
“You are not the only reason for her death. It was my claw,” The dragon says, looking at his claw with disgust and a bit horrification. There’s still blood on it. I look at it too, before returning my gaze to the body of the girl in my arms.
For a long time, we sit there in silence and
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