Personal Narrative: Drawing The Powerpuff Girls

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One of the earliest memories I have is drawing the Powerpuff girls on a sheet of printing paper on my dining room table when I was three years old. Ever since I was five years old, I have been taking art classes; I remember winning first place for a cow I drew in oil pastel the same year. My family and my teacher would always compliment my works, and as I continued to win various art competitions, I began to feel more and more confident about my art. In elementary school, the highlights of my day would be going to art class, or showing off my drawings to all of my classmates who would shower me with compliments. “That’s so good! Can you teach me how to draw?” “Come look at what she drew! How are you so talented?” As expected, these remarks only helped to puff up my ego even more. I continuously brought works I’d done to school, and display my artwork,…show more content…
She pointed out all of the flaws she saw and forcibly taught me how to fix them. Though she only had good intentions, I took everything to heart and started to believe that my art wasn’t really any good at all. I stopped drawing as much as I used to, and shifted my focus on another interest -- fashion. I read about it, watched videos about it, and even played games about it. It wasn’t until after awhile that I decided to draw it. For the first time in a billion years, I picked up a pencil to draw for fun; I sketched out a design I liked, and didn’t stop until I was satisfied. I continued making sketches like these as often as I could, and realized how much I actually enjoyed this combination -- drawing and fashion. The hostility that I’d slowly begun to develop for art was immediately ameliorated by that one discovery. I no longer drew to fish for compliments, and didn’t focus solely on satisfying my art teacher. I drew because art interested me, and I loved what I could create with just a pencil and a sheet of
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