Personal Narrative: Dressage Test

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So Much Progress!

I realize it has been a while since I have posted a blog, but there wasn’t much going on at the time. Instead of blogging every time something occurs, why not put it all into one long chain of blogs? Let’s start all the way back to before the Thoroughbred Makeover 2015!

Thoroughbred Makeover 2015: Dressage Test Practice

As the makeover started to get closer and closer, we finally realized that Arrow has never been in a dressage ring or done a dressage test! That seemed a little important since we were signed up for the dressage division at the makeover. So we immediately started looking for dressage shows or where I could at least ride my test. Arrow’s first test and show took place on October 3rd, 2015 where he did intro A and C at Longview Horse Park. I decided to take him to the horse park the night before to get used to the area, walk around the dressage rings, get past the “scary” judges boxes, and practice my tests in the rings. Arrow didn’t care about a thing! There was even a young Friesian acting a little crazy and that didn’t bother Arrow
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My mom had an event, Heritage Horse Trials, that weekend and they allowed a ride a test the night before. They squeezed me in a spot and allowed me to do the test I was going to do at the makeover, training level test ////// even though this day was meant for eventers. Like the last show, I got there early and walked Arrow around the new area. This time they had flags lined around the dressage rings. Of course Arrows didn’t react and just wanted to eat grass. He wasn’t as good being tacked up as he was at Longview and I think it was to do with all the trailers driving around. As soon as I got on him he immediately went back to his normal self. I had to ride the large arena test in a small arena which made it twice as hard, but he handled that well also. We did the same test twice and scored a
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