Personal Narrative: Driving A Go Car

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Driving a go cart for the first time, I was about 7 years old and i had been invited to a friends go kart party. Upon arriving I knew instantly that I wanted to be here. I never knew how much I would love the sport until I actually sat in the kart and pressed my foot on the gas pedal. Not only were the karts like 50cc and a grown man could probably run faster than it, but the feeling of actually being behind the wheel and in complete control of the kart was a great feeling.
After years of loving the sport i finally got into actually racing them. In fact the first ever race that i attended was the one i will always remember. Now being the first competitive race to compete in, i didn't really know what to expect. It was a sunny, sunday afternoon.
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Every corner that i took he was hot on tail, but coming the the last corner he made a huge mistake. The last corner of the track was a sharp and dangerous left turn that crested over a small yet pointy hill. Now normally anyone approaching the corner would slow down significantly to avoid rocketing straight past the turn. So as I approached the final corner, I slowed down to avoid dying on my first race but as the other racer behind me followed close behind me he did not slow down. Upon realizing what he had done he quickly yanked the wheel to the left but instead of following the corner the just skidded a bit then, flipped. Right over my head too. It all kind of happened in slow motion really, but at the same time it didn’t. As the poor kid soared over my deer in headlights eyes, i could see his mid scream face through the tinted visor. Not only that but i could help but smile, now i know i shouldn't because this kid is probably going to get seriously injured, but in a way he deserved it. The whole race he was on my ass bumping and hitting me from behind. He was like one of those adult child at some bumper kart arena of off a busy highway. Really too old to be there but acts like a child nonetheless, and eventually gets on your nerves so you decide to ram him from behind and give him serious whiplash. But this time the race course itself decided to give him more than whiplash. The track decided to throw this kid as far as it could right over my confused sweaty head which at the time was trying to figure what in the hell was going
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