Drinking Water: A Short Story

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It was 2080 and the drought began. The county has lost most of the water on the surface as the climate increased. Everything has changed. Half of the greenery such as green foliage, growing plants, or vegetation has lost because they couldn’t survive in a hot weather without water. It was left only dry land. Not only the environment that was dried, but also human.
Human needs water to survive, but it was limited. James Park, my uncle-in-law, was what most people called Mr. Secretary, who each day will bring a gallons of water and pour them to the county’s center tank. This tank was put in the middle of the county. Everyone should only use water from this tank, or get punished. You might not want to be selfish, like found
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I lived with my mom, dad, and grandma. Grandma was sick.
Her throat was really dry, so she needed to drink water constantly. Usually, I will be the one who wake up early in the morning and get some water back home, so mom and dad don't have to go back and forth while they were home, and I went to school. One day, I woke up and found that all of the water has gone. I asked one of my neighbor, Uncle Jay. He said he just woke up and still confused what was going on. In Uncle Jay’s case, I don't have to be aware of he being a selfish person. Uncle Jay, different from our family, lived with a pretty big family. Even though he needs water, he sometimes gives the water to me just in case I need them. Henry, my cousin, said whispery, “I think one of us took all of the water. I have no idea who is it but you know what, Ashley, my mom said they don’t have any water left in the big tank anymore”
“No way, how can they not…” I said surprisingly.
“Right, there’s no way this can happen.” Uncle James suddenly appeared and spoke beside my ear which freak me
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If people use too much water, there will be no more water for us. We tried as hard as we can to find those water to maintain our county. If the government doesn't come up with any stricter rule, people will continue to do what they are not suppose to, am i right? Having punishments will make everything even more better. Does that make sense to you?” She looked down at her watch and continued, “You have good thoughts and that shines out of your face like sunbeams. I need to go now. Nice to meet you, young boy. I'm sorry I didn't get to introduce myself. I’m Andy, Andy Robert, the vice president of this county.” She gave me a hand. I stood up and shook her hand, “It's my pleasure to meet you. I’m Blair, Blair
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