Personal Narrative-Duty Gambling

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It was in the late November and I was heading over to my friends house around 6 PM to go to a sleepover at my best friend Anthony's house. My dad said “don't sneak out tonight or anything like that.” So I nodded my head yes because he was my dad. When I got out my other friends Drew, Griffin, Bryan all said hi to me than we continued to go into the house to play some video games and we always have call of duty tournaments to see who is the best one. Than I won the call of duty tournament than we went to the movies around 7 than I remember it was a cheesy scary movie that wasn't that good but we messed around in it like ignorant the ignorant kids we were. So we got home around 9. Than we just played a couple of games of hide and seek in the pitch black house and all scared each other so bad. At one point in the game my friend griffin jumped out of the closest with a clown mask and i just about had a heart attack. By the time we were done in the house and the parents were dead asleep it was about 2 in the morning. We were all super bored than Anthony had a “great idea” and said “Let's go ding dong ditching” so we all agreed because none of us have ever snuck out before so we were pretty excited. We went outside and it's was darker than usual because Anthony's street lights were off and it felt like the perfect…show more content…
That birthday party I learned not to ding dong ditch at 2 in the morning and since then i have not ding dong ditched every time i go to my friends house they do but i stay a good 30 feet away from them just in case. Since then I have been thinking my night decisions through like it was my second nature and if it wasn't for that night i probably would of ending up doing something even stupider later on that
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