Personal Narrative: Early Childhood Education

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Like many people everyone wants to find their calling and figure out where they belong. My parents moved to the United States risking their lives on a boat from Haiti but soon separated while in america . My mom did a great job raising four kids on her own and I being the second child took part in raising my two younger siblings. In elementary school I struggled in many subjects but excelled in art, when I finally learned to read and went to middle school my grades were high enough to have honors reading and social study classes and even apa classes in highschool. I continued to excel in a lot of my classes, turns out I was smarter than I thought and all I need to do was learn to read and have people who took the time to teach me. Identifying Oneself …show more content…

The earliest time that I can remember teaching was when I was about nine years old I taught my siblings and neighbors how to tie their shoes and or ride a bike. The first time that I realized that I actually enjoyed teaching was when I tried to teach my younger brother how to read and my little sister who’s younger than him participated and she ended up learning what I tried to teach him, that experience also helped me realize that everyone doesn’t learn at their level . It takes patients to teach a child something new and there are many different ways of teaching and it feels great when they actually grasp the

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