Personal Narrative: Eastside Music Supply

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“There is no way a guitar shop is in these buildings.” I thought to myself. The short stalky buildings are in a perfect line. Each one with their own sign hanging above the door. I’ve heard others mention this shop in east Nashville. After finally peering around I found the shop. The sign read “Eastside Music Supply.”
I enter the building and a wall of burning incense consumes me. A running humidifier is trudging along in the corner. A man wearing a beanie is behind a glass table. “Hey man, what’s up?” He was standing behind a glass counter filled with guitar pedals. “Anything you’re looking for in particular?” I do a quick scan around the room. “No I just heard about this place and wanted to check it out.”
The walls are lined with amplifiers,
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“I’ve had this shop for roughly a year and a half now. It’s exciting to be running something like this, and doing so well.” He said very proudly. Which is great for small guitar shops like eastside music supply. Most small shops like this don’t stay afloat for very long. “Since we do guitar and amp repair at such a fast rate and good quality, we’ve gotten a following. Now were looking for a much bigger space for the shop.” I look around the room to see if they had gear that was being worked on. “The repairs are in the upstairs room. We have both rented out, so we have some space to use to work on all sorts of…show more content…
In a world where the market is owned by big businesses, it’s nice to see the underdog start to get ahead somewhere. Not very often to see products as old or quality in a business like Guitar Center. “Being in the music city tends to help a lot though!” It was probably a wise, or a no-brainer decision to make. When living in other states around the country, I didn’t have much of a choice to get the guitars, pedals, or amplifiers I wanted. I didn’t get much input on what would help me with what I was looking for. Although in a small shop on the eastside of Nashville, it turns out it didn’t matter the size of the store or how much they had to sell. It was the person behind the counter that was willing to help. Someone with the same interest and passion into
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