Personal Narrative: Email Sykes Funeral Home

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I had email Sykes Funeral Home back in February 2016, to correct my dead son, Antonio Trimuel name of the death certificate, which stated Toney D. Trumel. Therefore, I e-mailed them with all the documents needed for proof of name change with copy of the original birth certification, and along with my birth certificate as well. Consequently, I waiting for about four weeks and there was no word or email back from Sykes’s funeral home, so I called and spoke with Daphne. What was when she asked to text her the information I wanted corrected on the death certification using the numbers, which was number one the name, number fifteen the father name remove, and number sixteen correct the spelling of my last name, since her had no access to the e-mail account I sent the information too.…show more content…
Once again, four weeks passed, I contacted Daphne by cell phone to inquiry about the correction, and she stated it takes at least six weeks. Accordingly, to her advice I waited three to four more additional weeks with no response or new revised death certificate for my son Antonio
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