Personal Narrative: Emerson

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In sixth grade I met this girl named Emerson. Throughout sixth and seventh grade we never really talked and we just continued throughout school not knowing that later in life we would become best friends. She’s made a huge impact in my life and changed things for the good and the bad.

We met in the sixth grade during band class, we both played clarinet. Neither of us really bothered to talk to each other, we had other friends. Throughout sixth and seventh grade I had this secret hatred towards her and now that I think about it, it’s really funny. I always got jealous because she was always first chair in band, or she always got good grades on everything, I even got jealous once because a boy liked her. Going into eighth grade they redistricted
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I wasn’t very happy with that considering that meant losing my best friend. I didn’t want to see her hurting anymore though so I sucked it up and put a smile on my face. Although her house is only 33 minutes away from mine, it was still really difficult to plan things. She had joined their marching band and was really involved with her family and spent a lot of time with them. We did find time to hang out during the summer but it wasn’t often. The start of freshman year was really hard, I didn’t know what to do. All my friends has bestfriends at the same school and so i always got left out, it’s still the same way this year. Formal, homecoming, sadies, aloha bash, gym night, i was always the one who didn’t have a friend to go with. I’ve definitely improved at finding new friends, but Emerson will always be my best friend.

Going through this I realized that i'm not the only one who has the same problem as me. Other people definitely hang out with their friend more than Emerson and I but no one is gonna have that connection like we do. I’ve became more of an independent person because of this and I think that comes in handy. Although it was tough, both of us overcame it and I think it helped us a lot to prepare for the real
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