Personal Narrative-Engaged In People

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I grew up as a serious child. I remember choosing to watch a national geographic documentary about fractals one night instead of watching the cartoon finale all my friends were talking about. I was also very shy, I would never step further than 5 feet from my parents in public. I couldn’t ask for directions, ask a worker in a supermarket where to find something, and I would point to an item on the menu at a restaurant instead of asking for it. In middle school my struggle with depression began and I withdrew even more. The book sale taught me how to come out of my shell and communicate with people and it taught me that people are interesting. Before I never really engaged in people, but meeting lots of interesting characters each month taught me that. Bill Nye said, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” I really took that to heart and started being interested in other people's knowledge and experiences. I started working at the book sale 3 years ago. The first time I walked in I was surprised to see I was the only person under 60. A kind-eyed woman came up to me and asked if I was there to see my grandparent. After I explained I was…show more content…
They go to the back tables, dig through the boxes, and plop down on the floor with a pile of books to go through. When they come to the pricing tables where I work at they hand me a book and say “That one's mine.” The love they have for reading, and for learning inspire me everytime to fall in love as well. The influx of Thomas the Tank Engine, The Giving Tree, and To Give a Mouse a Cookie reminded me of the insatiable passion I had for reading when I was their age. When they walk out with a new pile of books they will be done reading by the next week I am grateful to have helped stimulate their brains, and hope that their passion will never
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