Personal Narrative: Erin's A Baby

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In the hallway at school, my friends and I talked about gym class when a girl commented, “Erin, you need to lose weight.” The sharp, harsh words tore into my heart, making me regret my lifestyle choices. After the bell rang to attend class, I went to the restroom to hide from the girls who bullied me. I stood in the reflection of the mirror and saw a fat and ugly girl. As the tears rolled down my face, I recalled the girl’s harsh words. I wiped away the tears on my cheeks and went back to class. When I returned to the class, my friend stared at me and remarked, “Erin, were you crying?” I did not want people to know I cried; instead I denied crying. Another girl in the class glared at me and started to laugh. The girl insulted, “Erin’s a baby.
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