Personal Narrative Essay : A Dream Come True

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A Dream Come True

“Emma!” I woke up to my mom calling to me.
“Yes,” I answered as I climbed out of my very messy, unmade bed and made small efforts to clean it up.
“C’mon, we have to go!” my mom told me.
“What? Where?” I asked, and then I remembered that today was the day we were going to Grandma’s house for the summer. Duh, Emma, I told myself, looking at my suitcase lying on the floor ready to go.
“To your grandma’s house!” my mom hollered. I heard her coming up the stairs to collect me and my things.
“Okay, okay. I’m coming,” I said when she had gotten to the doorway to my bedroom.
“Meet you in the car.” My mom smiled and then turned to head back downstairs.

“Grandma!” I called to my grandma, who was out in the garden watering her flowers.
“Yes, Emma!” my grandma replied.
I ran up and embraced her, absorbing her lavender-smelling hair through my nose. “How was the trip?” my grandma asked as we walked over to the car to get my mom and my baby sister, Abby.
“Mom!” My mom smiled as she hugged my grandma. “Its so good to see you!”
“Its wonderful to see you guys too,” Grandma smiled, gesturing to Abby and me. “I’ll go put on the kettle for some tea,” Grandma suggested.
We made our way up the steps into my grandma’s cozy house. It was a beautiful house with dark wood tables and chairs. A curving staircase led to the bedrooms and the bathroom was placed in the corner.
“What are we going to have for Emma’s birthday tomorrow?” Abby babbled to my mom.
“You mean like, for

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