Personal Narrative Essay : A Heroic Hero : To Kill A Hero

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Many people think of heroes as brave soldiers or rescue teams risking their lives for another. However, heroic deeds are not limited to extreme courage in the face of danger and ultimate risk for another life. Actually, I discovered that some of the most simple deeds can be heroic. The most heroic deed I ever did was when I was called by an urgent neighbor to come over and kill a rattlesnake in his yard.

First, it all started one very hot day in Drexel Heights, Arizona. It was early June and the stifling temperatures were already climbing past one hundred degrees. I was inside and enjoying the marvelous benefits of air conditioning. However, I was far from being relaxed. I was knee-deep in my homework and I had to hustle in order to complete school before summer break. To make matters even worse, I was constantly being distracted by the ongoing 2016 presidential election as if I were already old enough to vote.

Consequently, while in my stress and discouragement that day, my mom received a call from a neighbor who had recently discovered a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake in his yard. “Ryan, Mr. Erb has just called.” She said. “He wants you over immediately to take care of a rattler in his yard.” I cringed. “Well, that’s just great!” I grumbled to myself. I really felt like saying, “But mom, can’t you see I’m buried in schoolwork with deadlines in a few days? Can’t you ask someone else?” But “okay” was all I said. I knew better than to argue and whine.

Then, about five minutes later, I pulled into Mr. Erb’s dusty driveway with my red quad and BB gun. By then I was already dripping sweat from my brow and my attitude was still less than pleasant. It’s not that I was afraid of rattlers; I had killed many before this one and that’s probably the reason why Mr. Erb wanted me to do the job in the first place. The reason my attitude was so poor because I wanted to do the things I wanted to do and helping others wasn’t on my list for that day. I quickly changed my countenance as the front door opened and Mr. Erb came out and greeted me. “Good day, Ryan!” He said in a cheerful tone. “What’s so good about it?” I thought to myself. “The rattlesnake is right over here.” He showed me to a bush near his porch where a
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