Personal Narrative Essay : A New Citizen Of London

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A new citizen of London. It sounds way scarier than it actually is. My best friend Beverly invited me to live with her and her family. This wasn't a sudden decision, we thought of this when we were 16. She was moving from Philadelphia right to London, leaving me behind. Sadness overtook us and we agreed with each other that I'd move in with her. My parents were aware of how close we were, almost like she was my adoptive sister, so they allowed it.

The plane landed, making all the passengers giddy and excited. The rain pouring down went against all the good moods. Beverly had told me that she and her mother would be waiting for me at the airport, ready to take me to my new home. As I waited for my two bags to come around on the belt, I
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Rushing out of the car, we ran inside to get away from the rain. Right as we ran in, the smell of vanilla hit me. Their home smelt so delightful.

"Oh, oh!" Beverly exclaimed, her arms shaking. "I need to show you to your new room." She took a firm grasp of my hand, strong enough to crush all my bones together. Running up the stairs and trying not to fall down, I trailed behind Beverly as quickly as I could.

The room we entered was a beautiful shade of green. A seafoam green, I think. A bunk bed was placed in the corner of the room, newly made. The window beside the bed looked straight to the neighbouring house, somehow still getting a good amount of light in. A circular rug was set next to the bunk bed, giving a sense of cosiness.

Beverly was a very musical person, so she owned a few instruments. A guitar, a keyboard, and a ukulele. The two of us had learned these together. I bought a guitar because she got one, she got a keyboard and ukulele because I had got them.

The instruments were sitting on her bed like she had them out for me.

"I love you," I said breathlessly, taking in my new home. I will forever be grateful that my parents allowed this. "I love you, I love you!" I repeated, jumping in excitement. I finally get to live with my best friend like she's my sister.

"Hey, get comfortable. You're gonna be here for a long time," she smiled, flopping on the bottom bunk. Taking that as an invitation to the top bunk,
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