Personal Narrative Essay : A Short Story-A Story?

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This weekend was going to be the best one of the summer I could feel it. The sun shining bright made just perfect for swimming. Then the nights would be marvelous for firework watching and stargazing. I couldn't wait for the next day as it will be an exciting adventure but Ella and I always go on adventures. Knowing all of this I could tell it was going to be a great 4th of July with Ella especially since we were going to go camping. Which is we're Ella and I have had some of our best adventures. Around the corner like a fox comes Ella red hair flying behind her green eyes sparkling with excitement. She plopped down beside me then slipped her foot into me I could smell her stinky toes but I could bare the smell. She laced me up with as much persistence for someone who can't tie. Then off we went to the door down the rocky side walk to the truck waiting with the shiny white camper. Ella jumped up into the truck with no help which was surprising as soon as she was buckled off we went. Time was not my friend well I waited to get to the campground Ella had fallen asleep almost as soon we had gotten on the highway. Next thing I know Ella was frantically shaking her feet which in turn made me swing back and forth. That's when it dawned on me we must have arrived at the campground. Before her father even parked Ella was already out exploring. From my view between the grass I could tell this place was a new world compared to our house back in the city. Grass grew
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