Personal Narrative Essay: A Streetcar Named Desire

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One time a my grandparents in Tucson, i was riding on my uncle's quad in the back as he was driving. We went out the backyard and in a back alley with a dry riverbed and another alley on the otherside. I remember he had went down the dry river bed and I was holding on the the screwed metal bars behind me. He slammed down on the gas and went up the side of the riverbed, next thing i knew we flew up at least eight feet in the air straight towards a red-brick wall, he tried slamming on the breaks but we were still in the air. Time had slowed down and next thing we knew he slammed on the breaks andthe tires slid towards the wall, with not enough time we smacked the wall, his face flew toward the wall but stopped the impact with his hands, and i
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