Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To Dublin

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Sitting in my room here in Denmark and looking out at the grey clouds and few sunbeams from the sky. It reminds me of the student trip with my class a few weeks ago. To travel from a place to another is somehow always special for me. I think it is interesting that I can go into a plane and some hours later I am a new place. Sometimes the destination is very different from the one I came from. This time it was Dublin who had called me. Actually, not only me but my whole class and belonging teachers. To travel alone or with someone has a lot to say about the trip, I think. If you travelled the exact same place, time and destination but once by yourself and another time with someone, it would almost be to different trips if you ask me. In my eyes that is very beautiful and of significance to remember. In other words, it can give you a wide perspective on travelling, yourself but also life in general.

That we were going to Dublin, was not our biggest wish, but the fact that we could travel and have some quality time together was very great. The week before going to Dublin something sad happened. Our English teacher who we should have travelled with, was involved in an accident. That meant that we first of all were very sorry about our teacher’s situation. But we did also wonder if
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There were some problems finding the right buses, but not long time after that we came to the hostel we should stay at the next days. Because we had heard so well about the place most of us were a little shocked to see the circumstances. In my room, it was so cold that we needed to sleep with very much clothes on, but even that wasn’t enough to stay warm. We found old hair, dirt and other ‘’slimy’’ stuff in our room. Maybe it wasn’t the most clean or fancy room I have seen in my life, but it gave us something to laugh about. And laugh is always good, and it is considered to be
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