Personal Narrative Essay About Fentress

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Fentress (POV)
“No don’t ever say that please Hannah” I say as I grab her hands. She pushes away from me but I pull her closer. She starts crying and fighting me. I keep pulling her close and then she wraps her hands around me and embraces me. I hold her in my arms not knowing what to do.

She cries for about five minutes then we just start talking about things. She talks to me about how she didn’t like killing people in Korea but she tried. The boy she killed that was Tomas’s brother was only 15. She told me she was going I into one of the building where she was told there were US soldiers being held hostage. Well it was a trap they started shooting and the two boys were standing in the door and she shot one and fled out the door.

At the time, she didn’t know they were
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I am looking forward to be going back to work today, but I am in pain. I go to the door and open it. “Hey Fentress” I say letting her inside. I walk to the bathroom and take some medicine then walk back out to the living room. I grab my coat and put it on.

“Let’s go” I say as I open the front door. Before locking up I grab my backpack. When we are in the car it is pretty silent. The only thing Fentress says is that it is a nice morning.

“I am going to start driving myself into work after today” I say as I put my hands up to the heat. Her face changes really fast into confusion. “What do you mean Hannah, it’s no problem for me. I am serious like it is no big deal” She says as we are pulling up to the stop light.
“I want to drive myself because I think our friendship does not need to be worked on anymore, I mean isn’t this what it was for anyways, I just need time and I just want to able to focus on work and my health right now.” I don’t want to sound as I am being rude but I just can’t back track on things of the past. I am not in the position to start caring about anyone, I mean friends. I haven’t really had any friends and so I never
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