Personal Narrative Essay About My First Boxing

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Boxing is something that I show real courage to and I refused to give up. There was a time when I started boxing and I had a competitor, but I refused to give up. My competitor was undefeated and that was my first boxing match. I never thought that I would be fighting up against a fighter with so much confidence and pride. So when I was in the gym, I was grinding and putting in much effort for the fight. At 12:00 in the afternoon I arrived at my gym and I switched into my boxing gear to start off practice getting ready for my first fight and I was overtaken that whole day. My dad was speaking to me trying to calm down and focus, but I was really nervous. My father told me,“If you are really nervous and start hesitating, don't throw punches. just start bobbing and weaving every punch he starts throwing at you.” When my father told me that, my coach heard him and agreed and said the same thing while we ended our conversation about me being nervous my coach started training me more before the fight. I started working on my head movement and footwork. During the day me and my coach was training for my fight. During that day my coach showed me a new exercise the he used to do when he started boxing, but I actually…show more content…
He throws a hook I duck under and throw two punches while he on the ropes I start throwing punches. I threw a hook and connected and he felt the referee started counting while he get up at the 5 count. I underestimated him I thought he was easy, so when he got up, he rushed me and started throwing quick punches and I fell on the floor and the referee started counting. I picked myself up on the 7 count I refused to give up I wanted to win my first fight so the last round came and we started trading punches. I got my opponent on the ropes and I threw a hook and he fell and he didn't get back up I won my first fight and didn't give
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