Personal Narrative Essay About Swimming

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County times, the standard of advancement for all swimmers at my local high school swim team, is a twenty-two second fifty yard freestyle. This is a simple goal for most swimmers but it haunted me all freshmen year. My average time for the season is twenty four seconds or a full two seconds away from the cut off. Through the entire season, I am progressively getting faster until my time is merely milliseconds from my goal. On the final race of the season, my whole team is cheering me on but I miss the cut off by point two tenths of a second. My friends and teammates pat me on the back, "You will get it next year," and "Wow, you were so close," yet my coach blames my sloppy form for costing me valuable seconds. After the season ends, I decide it is a good idea to practice at the neighborhood pool. To my surprise, the youth summer swim league is practicing.
One of the parents who watches me swim asks if I could help coach the younger swimmers. Over the summer, I work tirelessly at my neighborhood pool coaching the younger kids in the neighborhood's summer league. Most of the kids I teach start to beg for me to attend all their meets and watch them swim. The first few meets remind me of my defeat …show more content…

I realize that I can help others by helping them avoid the mistakes I made not only in swimming, but also in the classroom. After school, I begin to help my friends with their classes. My best friend is taking pre-calculus so I offer to help tutor him and give him my notes. His grade in the class starts to improve. Soon I am helping all of my friends in the classes I have already passed. Fs become As and Bs by the end of the semester. My friends are passing and I am doing better in my current classes. By helping others with the lessons I learned through my past failures, I am helping myself in the process. I realized that through my failure I can help others to

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