Personal Narrative Essay: Child Labor In The United States

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In the fall of my seventh grade year at Kent Denver, my grades were not quite as good as my parents wanted. I believed my grades were fine, but my parents obviously thought otherwise. I already had less freedom to do things because I had broken my arm early in the fall. So it came as a shock when my parents restricted the things I could do and put more rules in place around the house. I felt trapped and I wanted to be able to do more things. This got me thinking about freedom.
I realized while I felt trapped, I had more freedom than many people around the world. I realized what freedom meant and that I believed everybody in the world besides criminals, deserved freedoms similar to what I had as a citizen of the United States. Many people live in countries with strict government, warlord, or gang rulers. These leaders can harshly tax their people and deny people freedoms considered basic in the U.S.A. As I thought about this and the terrible suffering people around the world go through I came to believe that something was wrong. People should not have to abide by strict laws and pay high taxes because of a leader forced upon them. I believe people should have the right to have an impact on the government leading them.
The more I contemplated freedom,
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My thoughts brought me to the topic of labor. I considered the topic of child labor. I thought about how children and many others do extremely exhausting and difficult jobs for very little pay. My decision on the matter is that the form of labor and pay are basically slavery. Then I considered that there are people still enslaved today. People mining valuable materials are literal slaves, chained and forced to work by violent and brutal warlords. This upset my as it was the exact opposite of how I believe people should be treated. One of my core beliefs is about freedom and these people have the exact opposite, even
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