Personal Narrative Essay: Dave's Room

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“Dave, you idiot! You no good scum bucket, get back in your stall!” How on earth could this horse have gotten out of his stall yet again?

It was a hot and humid day in August, and my patience was wearing as thin as my sweat-covered t-shirt. Dave was a horse I bought about a month ago, and boy was he an annoying son of a gun. Every single day he would find a way to get out of his stall. Besides that, each time he was tied to a fence or trailer he would somehow get himself untied. Some would say this horse is smart and skillful, but I was beginning to think he was nothing more than trouble.

I latched Dave’s stall shut and decided to go to the house for a cold glass of iced tea. As I stared out the window looking at the horse barn, I
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I walked into the horse barn and to my surprise he was in his stall, but the door was unlatched. I latched the door and looked at him confused and then walked out. Maybe the dummy was finally learning.

It felt like a storm was coming. After I finished chores I headed to the house for the evening. As I often do, I fell asleep in my recliner watching Sports Center.

BANG! BOOM! Something blew up! I threw on my boots and ran outside. The horse barn was on fire! My horses needed my help! I ran to the horse barn and looked for a place to get in. I found the door and then, “Woosh!” A big cloud of smoke blew me back. I got as far away from the barn as possible and then saw nothing but black.

It was a hot day, like really, really, really hot. I was left in my stuffy stall because my dufas owner forgot me here. I was sweating where I stood, and I was getting mad about it. No horse should have to stay in a hot stall when there is a big, beautiful world to explore. I reached over the stall door and grabbed the latch with my lips. I have this knack for undoing things. This latch has been a piece of cake. I just wrinkle up my bottom lip and keep my upper lip firm as it goes in for the grab and VOILA. The latch opens. Free at
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I took several naps, but the problem with that is that is I couldn’t sleep at night. So I stayed awake and early in the evening I unlatched the stall and walked outside. It was a beautiful night, and I could see lightning forming off to the west. I walked back into the barn and laid down in the alley. The other horses were already asleep and snoring. Eventually I drifted off to sleep as the distant lightning flashed shadows on the barn walls.

CRACKLE! BANG! BOOM! I was awaken by a loud CRASH. It was so loud! I looked up to the hay mow and could see that lightning had struck a hole in the roof to the piles of fresh hay. They were on fire! Within minutes, all I could see was red and orange, and I could barely breathe. I ran outside as fast as I could. Where was that stupid kid? He needs to get the horses out! I kept running and tripped right over him, he was on the ground
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