Personal Narrative Essay For Middle School

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Topic: Best time of year. Fall

Brainstorm: Cool breeze, Halloween, candy, happiness, beautiful trees, the food, perfect weather, thanksgiving, family, the environment, vibrant colors, friends, and the start of a great school year.

Topic: Perfect Weather and environment
Sentence: Sitting back and enjoying a nice cool breeze, with vibrant orange colored leaves falling so gracefully on your front porch; this is what I love so much about fall.
Subtopic: Colored Leaves
Subtopic: Perfect Temperature
Subtopic: Calm Weather
Subtopic: No more worrying about hurricanes.

Topic: Halloween and thanksgiving
Sentence: Strolling down the street showing off your new Halloween costume and getting a whole bunch of candy is a definite reason why fall is my
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Subtopic: Better things to do other than sitting around in summer.
Subtopic: Having confidence and all of the outside clubs
Subtopic: Being reunited with friends from the previous school year.
Subtopic: All of the benefits that fall can bring.

Intro Paragraph:
“What is your favorite time of the year? Could it be Summer, Winter, or Fall.” Jamie asked her new mother in law this question in order to get to know her. The mother answered her with a question. “Jamie, do you like the smell of apple pie in the window, or the beautiful leaves changing color, or a bunch of yummy food filling your small tummy? Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year Jamie, and i’m going to love spending it with you.” Fall is the most outstanding time of the year by far and here are three reasons why, the weather, the holidays, and a start to a great school year.

Conclusion Paragraph: A single fall season can render you with countless amounts of joy with, appalling weather, family and the holidays, and the start of a fresh new school year. If everyone can experience this season the way I do, imagine how great this world would be in that one
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