Personal Narrative Essay: Grandpa's Death Of Grandfather

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I walk over to Grandpa’s to get some money. I’ve heard Mom say that Grandpa doesn’t believe in banks and keeps his money under the bed, so that’s where I will be looking. I enter the house and begin some small talk with Grandpa. When I excuse myself “to go to the bathroom” I search Grandpa’s bedroom. I find nothing, until I see a little chest. I open it up and see the watch. I take it and create a scene by flushing the toilet as if I had actually gone and leave. I just stole Grandpa’s watch and now guilt is filling my body. Once I sell it and get the money, I’ll buy it back, as if I never stole it in the first place. The street clock just struck 5:30 p.m. so; I take out my watch and wound it. I started walking again as the watch was ticking louder…show more content…
I look around trying to recall everywhere I had gone, hopefully finding the watch, but I have no luck. I’m scared, alone, and dumbfounded, so I scream for help which is something no Cobra (a gang) should do in a situation like this. Not too long later, a little boy comes over to me. He was dressed in a long dress shirt with no collars, buttons, just holes for his arms and head. I had to ask where I was and he replied with the craziest thing ever, “You is in the swamp woods”. I look for Crane and Sutter Street which was supposed to be in front of me right now. This little boy is no help either. I ask him where the nearest streets are and apparently there are none, what? This is a little scary and I don’t know how to react or do anything really at this moment. I look around my atmosphere trying to take in what really is happening. I’m surrounded by trees, weeds, and a whole ‘lotta nothing. It’s humid and hot, in November? Also, it was dark a few minutes ago, now it’s bright as if it were 3:00 p.m. None of this is making any sense. I just want to cry, scream, and now stressed. A Cobra should be calm and collected, not breaking a sweat. I don’t know what to do. What’s going
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