Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up In The Bedroom

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I have no idea who invented the game, but if I had to guess it would be my half brother, Matthew. You need a mattress, a twin size one preferably or one you can fit laying down in the hallway. You take the mattress and lay it down on the hallway floor. Then you equip an adult with a pillow and make him or her stand to the right or left side of the mattress. The goal is to make it off the other end of the bed standing and walk away, but most of the time we ended up flat on our faces like a bug on a windshield. We call it apple. Let the game begin. This game was invented to be played in a long narrow hallway, but a living room would work just as well. It may actually be safer to do it in a living room. If you play it in the hallway you must close all…show more content…
On a rare occasion both my brother Matthew and Weston your stand on the right and left side each having a pillow in a hand they would chuck both of their pillows at us causing twice as many injuries. One day my mother stepped in when she heard my younger cousin Louis begin to cry due to a him being hit so hard into a wall. My mom began to babble on about the safety of us and some other stuff that wasn’t really important. After she left Matthew was frustrated because he enjoyed this game very much and to think it might be shut down because of Louis , so he then had a talk with him. After the talk we began the game back up. When anyone got hurt they would cry into a pillow so my mother could not her us.
This game taught us many things but the one that I will remember most is perseverance. It taught us perseverance when we would get hurt but we would have to hold yourself together so we could still play the game. Or when you were getting pillows thrown at you and you’d manage to stumble your way off the bed and walk
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