Personal Narrative Essay : Growing Up In The Family

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Even tho many are lucky to have their parents together and grow up in one family that was altogether, I was lucky to grow in a divorced family and I say lucky because I have become stronger because of this situation and even tho I have become stronger, I have also learned to cut off the slack off myself. I grew up with 3 older male siblings and we were not the type to get along and share, some of us would help each other and the older tell the younger how to survive through different circumstances but I was left out. I grew up learning everything myself and my mom never really listened to me and because of that now I'm used to keeping everything to myself and she wonders why but that is not her fault. I had to survive, that’s what I call it because you either had to hide the certain special things you wanted and expect the worst out of your older brothers. There were never any words of advice from my older brothers towards me and at the moment given I was only allowed to see my father on the weekends. When my father said specific things he said is using big words, and at the moment I was too young and he was very wise as he had been in my position. My two older brothers have a different dad than my older brother and I. The time my mom was struggling in working and not receiving help from no one and had to maintain 4 male children that fought for food as it was scarce and fought for clothing even if it was too big or too small. This has made me realize that the image a
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