Personal Narrative Essay: Happening Truth In A Basketball Game

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Happening Truth During a basketball game we had I had gotten into the game and like all Northwood basketball games, we were losing. It was constantly getting the ball inbounded, getting pressed, and turning over the ball for them to score. They were garbage though so we had a standing chance. There was a total of 30 seconds left on the clock and I drove the ball out and kicked it to our point guard to shoot a three, which he hit. We were down by four then we had to foul and they shot two foul shots because it was the rule. They made both the foul shots and I came down the court with 13 seconds and we were down by 6 so I shot a floater from the three point line after a kid bumped into me, so I tried to draw the foul, and it…show more content…
There was a sub here and there, but in the end the players I subbed in with were the players that I played the final minutes of the game with. As the clock went down it felt like it was taking forever, turnovers, fouls, out-of-bounds, a bunch of stuff slowing down the clock. As the clock was in the final minutes, to me it felt like I've been in the fourth quarter for hours. The score was close at the time, but they got the better of us and we ended up being down by seven and I took the ball down the court and drove in and like they expected I kicked the back back out to our point guard who I told to shoot the ball when he got it, shot a deep three from the volleyball line and it seemed like the ball was in the air for at least 10 seconds before it finally hit nothing but net. Everybody jumped up and started cheering, which is odd for an away game. We got back on defense and I told someone to foul and victor ran up and fouled the player who then got to shoot foul shots. Yet again, it felt like it took a few minutes for the foul shots and when I looked at the clock there was 30 seconds. Our point guard couldn't dribble to his left so I got the ball and I waited at the three point line to I saw someone run at me so I decided to pump fake the ball and draw the foul for 3 foul shots. He jumped in the air and hit me so I jumped into him and shot a three…show more content…
We already knew we were going to lose, but we were going to show them even when we're down we don't give up. The ball soared through the air and it seemed like it took a few seconds and it swirled in and then fell out. Even if he would have made it, it wouldn't have been enough to bring us up from the loss. We went back to the locker room and usually when we lose, many of us aren't happy. This was not a big game, but to me it was because I had gotten a starting position, hit a three pointer which got me hyped, and we were in a close game. I was upset though that the referee did not call a foul on my three pointer because he hit me hard and I made it, which irritated me because that could have made is game a little better. Overall I was upset because we were so close to winning this game, but I did have varsity coaches watching. The next game we had we had a few players out and it was my position to step up and take a spot. The JV game I had 13 points and then the game after I got to play varsity again. So that was a big game knowing I can be a three point shooter and a clutch player which I got played a lot more and was moved to a shooting guard instead of
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