Personal Narrative Essay: High School Sandwich

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When my second grade teacher announced to leave for lunch, I grabbed my lunch kit and lined up with the rest of the class in alphabetical order. Since I went to a Catholic school, we always said a prayer before eating. After praying we headed out the door and took the seemingly endless walk from our classroom to the cafeteria. As we entered the cafeteria those who brought their own lunches sat at the class’ designated table and the other students waited in line for hot lunch. Once everyone sat at the table I unzipped my lunch kit, looked to see what my mom packed for that day, and pulled out my sandwich box. When I raised the sandwich to my mouth, I noticed my friends staring at me. A few asked “What kind of sandwich is that?” like they had never seen one before. “Uh, mayonnaise,” I replied. They thought nothing of it and focused on eating their food. But here’s the catch:…show more content…
This denial mainly stems from my choice to live in an off-campus apartment instead of in a dorm, where I can easily use a meal plan to my advantage and continue to be as picky as I want. Living in an apartment forces me to visit the grocery store by myself and pick out the things I need in order to live comfortably. Items such as cough medicine, toilet paper, laundry detergent, milk, eggs, and toaster waffles pose no threat to me. Other than fruit snacks and cookies, I really have no clue how to shop for food. I leave that up to my mom and aimlessly push the buggy behind her every time we go to Walmart. Although I plan to live with three other friends who cook considerably well, I still want to be able to cook for them and feel some sort of accomplishment. If I need to take cooking classes or video my mom or grandmother making some of my favorite meals, so be it. Pickiness continues to control my life and I hope to outgrow it in the near future so I eat something other than chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese at a
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